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Insurance Coverage for Allergy and Asthma Care

A Short History:

What's Happening Today?

Last year the Oregon legislature drafted Senate Bill 2009, which will expand the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the Oregon Health Insurance Collaborative (OHIC) to insure those currently without insurance and to define appropriate coverage for members of teachers' unions, state employees, and county employees. It calls for the Oregon Health Authority to adopt the "priority list" mentioned above. It is presently unclear whether or not the Authority will allow different health insurance products with different levels of coverage, but three tiers are being considered. It is also unknown at which level allergy care will be placed and what the co-pays/deductibles for each tier will be.

What Does This Mean for You?

First, contact folks such as your employers, your employer's health benefits coordinators, and your legislators to let them know your desire to continue with the coverage you have today. Especially make it clear you are deeply concerned that your current access to effective, preventive allergy care may be jeopardized by decisions being made by the folks at the Oregon Health Commission and the Oregon Health Authority. You should contact them directly with your concerns at both the e-mail address for the Oregon Health Plan at the Oregon Health Authority at You may even consider testifying in person or at public Oregon Health Authority meetings listed at

Most significantly, if you area public employee affected by these changes, you should contact your Public Employees'' Benefit Board at peeb.connect@state.or.usand testify at meetings listed at

Second, talk to or write your state legislators. Nothing influences decision makers in government more than lay people coming forward to advocate for what they want. Those decision makers may look at allergy and asthma specialists as just another special interest. They see you as "the people" and "the voters," something very different.

If you like your health insurance coverage for your allergy and asthma care, it is important that we work together to ensure that legislators and bureaucrats don't make decisions that will leave allergy and asthma sufferers at risk.